Jingxian Yang is a contemporary artist currently living in London and completing a MA in Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College, University of Arts London (UAL).

Jingxian’s work spans digital video, interactive installation, photography, collage and painting. In the context of the digital era, her research is focused on the psychological dependency and the loss of individual self-consciousness.  The work aims to expose the powerful position of invisible cybernetics and algorithms in contemporary systems and governance.

The research on contemporary systems and governance techniques is based on the artist’s own political background and Michel Foucault’s Bio-political theory. She was influenced and inspired by the book ‘Automatic Society: The Future of Work’ by the French philosopher Bernard Stieglerwhen she explored the relationship between individual self-awareness and cyberspace.

She has also been committed to finding and capturing individual behaviour and ideological changes in cybertext, and the relationship with contemporary systems. Drawing on Russell’s philosophical idea of Knowledge by Acquaintance (where knowledge is gained through an experience-based interaction between a person and the object.), it attempts to capture and explore the method of transferring cognition between individuals.

Exhibitions during the MA

Personal Project:

2020 Leah Beta 1.1 Project, Truman Brewery, London

Group shows:

2020 MA Visual Arts exhibition (online)

2020 Between Spaces (online), Raum Gallery

2020 Stimuli, Bloomsbury Gallery, London

2019 Entanglement, Camberwell College MA Fine Art Digital Pop Show, London

2019 Camberwell College of Arts MA Visual Arts Interim Show, London

2019 Impromptu Again, 2 Girls’ Cafe, London

2018 Virtual Particles, Camberwell College MA Fine Art Digital Pop Show, London

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